fridge soup

We’ve written about the awesome Jacques Pepin Fridge Soup here before….but the last time, we really grated every single thing. Now we grate the hearty vegetables that would take a long time to cook, but add in more leafy spinach, or frozen–and then lots of grated, or shaved parm. It’s our favorite fall-back recipe during […]


While I usually prefer zucchini mandolined and sauteed, this time I chopped them lengthwise and in cottage fry chunks and used the hot cast iron skillet I had just cooked turkey burgers in to pan-fry them. They seared quickly because of the high heat and had great flavor from turkey meat left in the pan […]


I’m a huge fan of potato salad. While I often do big batches with tons of hardboiled eggs, onions, and gobs of mayo, this super quick version my sister-in-law whipped up calls for a couple of table spoons of mustard (a combo of grainy and smooth are ideal, but whatever you have on hand), a […]


When we went to Paris recently, my kids were enthralled by all of the delicious street food–the crepes, both sweet and savory, and of course, the hot dog in baguette with melted gruyere on top. Since we returned, we have worked the French hot dog into the treat rotation. Here’s how you do it: Preheat […]


Dutch pancakes are more akin to French crepes. They’re a common thing in the Netherlands and there are many pancake houses you can eat at, though of course they’re a doddle (that means ‘easy to accomplish’ in the UK) to make. Our daughter likes the salty/sweet taste of cheese and Dutch pancake syrup (stroop) which […]

gwynnie chicken

I am a big fan of Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow’s mom website, and in particular, her very easy way with food. I started making this chicken (the video is actually really helpful) about a year ago and it’s been on almost weekly rotation ever since. Bonus: it’s the kind of dish I prep in the morning […]


There are some mornings (like when you first turn the clocks back in the fall and you think “I’m going to get up early like this every day”) that I feel as if I am slightly ahead of the game. Rare as this is, that’s when I try to make one or two little things […]


For my kids quesadillas are right up there with mac & cheese and pizza on the list of favorite foods. We usually make plain cheese quesadillas and add on a variety of toppings at the table: fresh salsas, guacamole, sour cream, and sauteed zucchini and corn are among the favorites. You can also add beans, […]

bolognese_lentil opener

I don’t have a color-coded family calendar. Or cubbies in the entry hall assigned to each family member—though I envy those moms who do. On Sundays, however, I do try to cook a couple of different things so that I’m not starting from scratch every weeknight come dinner time. When I don’t get around to […]


One of the fanciest restaurants we’ve ever been to is the Kronenhalle in Zurich, and we’ve been lucky enough to go there several times for business dinners. My favorite thing to get there is their avocado appetizer, which is simply an avocado halved, with red wine and shallot vinaigrette on top. It’s ridiculously easy to […]


There is no better way to pack a protein-fiber punch than with eggs and beans. The rice is also nice for soaking up the yolk (we like soft-boiled or poached eggs) and black beans. Though this combo is usually inspired by leftovers from Mexican takeout, we like to keep a can of black beans on […]

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