fridge soup

We’ve written about the awesome Jacques Pepin Fridge Soup here before….but the last time, we really grated every single thing. Now we grate the hearty vegetables that would take a long time to cook, but add in more leafy spinach, or frozen–and then lots of grated, or shaved parm. It’s our favorite fall-back recipe during […]


We had the most delicious lunch at Franny’s in Brooklyn today. The bucatini with sauteed ramps (wild spring onions), olive oil and breadcrumbs were delicious. This seems like an easy one to replicate with any spring onion. The ramps were particularly subtle, sweet and tender. Breadcrumbs gave the dish a nice bit of crunch, which […]


When it comes to beets, it’s always way too close to dinner by the time I think about doing anything with them. Lately I’ve been slicing them thinly with a mandoline and serving them raw with a sweet honey-mustard vinaigrette (the sweetness counters the slight bitterness of the uncooked beet). They are beautiful plain, though […]

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