So sometimes we encourage our kids to play with their food. My 6 year old loves soft boiled eggs. Before I bought a couple of egg cups we used to cut up strips of construction paper for quick egg cup holders and everyone got to draw a face on their egg. (Then we cracked their […]


Our friend Emma is an ardent researcher, so when she found this trampoline that’s small enough to fit in a Brooklyn backyard (it’s 7.5 feet in diameter), and she said it did well in reviews, we bought one too. Rain or shine, both of ours have served us well. We’re not going to get into all […]

track ball

My brother and I were obsessed with track ball in the 80s. Imagine jai-alai meets lacrosse meets backyard catch. It’s a great alternative to Frisbee. Because the ball is so light, you don’t have to worry about breaking windows either. We just picked up ours for 25 cents at a rummage sale, but you can […]


Maine-based reader and contributor Winky Lewis sent us this yesterday, and we had to share: “School got out on Wednesday of last week. The almost daily lemonade stand in front of our house evolved into this early this am. Yesterday it was a table with a beach umbrella. Today a box that was a great […]


If your kid loves a clapping, skipping, playground game, and you want more ideas to expand the repertoire, there is a great English website, Playground Fun, that has a bunch. The site offers great instructions and pictures, and most of its contributors are kids.


Instead of giving over every last blanket and pillow in the house, designate a bunch of old or cheap umbrellas to fort-making. Even just a couple make pretty brilliant insta-shelter for kids, especially on a sunny day, though the effect of one’s own little world works equally well indoors.

Stairs created using a credit card and the drawbridge is made from piece of driftwood

It sounds ridiculous, but we often bring a piece off scrap wood to the beach to make Pyramids. Use a business card or credit card to add these flights of stairs. If you make the stairs all the way down to the water,  they will fill up.

nursery rhyme

Most of us don’t remember much more than the first line of any nursery rhyme. Here’s a site that has the full lyrics and history of every one you could possibly imagine. You too will discover just how morbid most of nursery rhymes actually are. Who knew that the following actually went beyond the first […]

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