I have been advocating knife purchases for children for sometime (see my post from last year.) Usually I advise finding some vintage model in your local flea market that has some history or patina—one that is a bit worn down and dull that can’t cause too much damage or carnage. Well, if fleas aren’t your thing […]


Our friend Chad just bought these adorable Flex Lite Chairs which I just found for $69. While not exactly cheap, they are really well-made, and seem like they won’t have to be replaced—like so many other spectator chairs after a season. They are perfect for kids’ sporting events that don’t have any bleachers, ie., all soccer games […]


We’re firm believers that everything tastes better outside. So we really like having designated plates for doing so. A recent discovery is vintage Ingrid plates, from Chicago, which is very similar to Heller, which we also love (and wrote about here.) One more thing to obsess over on Etsy and eBay. Someone write in asking […]


My brother just turned me onto this product, the Sili Squeeze. It’s so brilliant, and I wish it was around when my daughter was little. A mom in California came up with the idea, and basically, it’s one of those “why didn’t I think of that” ideas, which are always the best. You make a […]


A couple of summers ago we picked up these Heller stackable dinner plates at a rummage sale. They work so perfectly for eating outside, and especially for kids. The small lip on the edge of the plate means that food doesn’t slide off so easily, and I also like how big they are—all of our […]

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