picky eater

No one wants their kid to be a picky eater, not least of all a guy like me; I’ve basically built my entire adult life around food and drink. I’ve spent time preparing it, enjoying it, reading about it, sharing it, and writing about it. So when my son, Finn, came to town for Father’s […]


Lice is just a fact of elementary school life. There are always outbreaks in classes and getting it doesn’t mean that you, your children, or your house are “unkempt” as a friend of mine declared the other night. For those of us who don’t believe in putting chemicals on our children’s heads, here is the […]


Between making 28 Valentines with your kid and the special treats you might also be sending along to school, maybe you didn’t have the bandwidth to consider a present for your spouse. (Not that you need to!) But, I was remembering this Quickie Getaway piece we posted last March, written by sex therapist Ian Kerner, […]

mexican bingo

Dinnertime often has the familiar ring of “Please eat some broccoli. Just three more bites of chicken? OK, two tomatoes, one more fish stick and three spoonfuls of rice.”  When Ben was a baby and still imprisoned in that highchair, we would put unsuspecting grandparents on speakerphone as the spoonfuls disappeared. But now that there […]


How in an age of helicopter parenting can we as parents give our kids the necessary opportunity to be independent? Even in the same family, one kid can by much more naturally independent than his/her sibling. Birth order? Nature? Whatever the older one has absorbed from having had to break in first-time over-protective parents? The […]


The quiet close toilet seat from Kohler (French Curve Elongated etc) is a must have (really!) for parents with boys who are learning to lift the seat while peeing standing up. It takes a good 8 seconds for the seat to s-l-o-w-l-y close. no clanking. And it is easily removable, making clean-up around the hinge […]


I’ve never seen a good baby-proofing system for the corners of tables and counters that didn’t completely kill the aesthetic of the room. But recently we went to our very clever friend Alix Browne’s house, and saw her method. She took finger puppets that someone gave her when her daughter was born, and taped them […]


Yes, we’ve all heard, or said ourselves—”I made a crib out a dresser drawer” or “just give the baby a box to play with, it’s all he wants to play with anyway!”  Sometimes a desperate move turns into a genius solution. Crystal Flynt has a beautiful shop, Bon Boutique, in Tucson, which she owns with her […]


In Australia, we have something called sleep school. It’s par for the course for new mums to head to sleep school when their first born baby is around 3 months old or weighs 12 pounds, which is generally considered the age/weight when a baby is ready to sleep through the night. It’s actually covered under […]

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