Make Work Trips a Little Easier

It’s hard when one spouse goes on a work trip. It’s hard for the spouse traveling (read: homesickness) and it’s arguably harder for the spouse who stays home (read: 24-hour rockstar solo parent time). I travel for work reasons pretty regularly, and yet – somehow – I am still pretty terrible at prepping for trips. […]


The other day, while watching a scene in a movie that pointed to racial injustice my son asked, “Mom, I notice that all the guys who ask for money on the street in our neighborhood have brown skin. Why is that?” Granted this is a kid who doesn’t see race, only shades, something I love […]


The other day a colleague of mine brought her kids to the office. When she asked her son to look up and say “hello” to me, she anticipated his age-appropriate immersion in his drawing and followed with, “Look her in the eyes and tell me what color her eyes are.” The lesson is, make them […]


When our 6-year-old son first came home from camp asking that we write him a note exempting him from swimming, we sort of blew it off, thinking it would pass. By the second day, we probed a little further. Was someone making him feel badly? Was he tired? We didn’t really get a clear answer, […]

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