A few months ago, nearing the summit of 45 years old, my ovaries were removed to a soundtrack of “Night Fever” and “Beast of Burden.” I had actually said goodbye to them four and a half years earlier, waiting for the ice pack to numb the spot where I’d get a shot that I affectionately […]

to do list

Are you overwhelmed? If you answered no,  I’d like your number so I can call you in the middle of the night when I can’t find a pen in my dark bathroom where I need to write down all the to-do list items that have reproduced in my head like a family of baby bunnies.  […]

Make Work Trips a Little Easier

It’s hard when one spouse goes on a work trip. It’s hard for the spouse traveling (read: homesickness) and it’s arguably harder for the spouse who stays home (read: 24-hour rockstar solo parent time). I travel for work reasons pretty regularly, and yet – somehow – I am still pretty terrible at prepping for trips. […]

Paris (75 of 78)

Backwards, forwards, upwards, and onwards. This has been the way I’ve been living my life for over a year now and I can’t turn back, nor do I want to. The last few weeks have been a daze of both international and domestic travel complete with trains, planes, and automobiles. As I sit and write […]

be brave

Going out together with a group of friends felt weird the first time I did it. Most of my friends, if not all, are married or in committed relationships. To those who were meeting me for the first time and had no idea of my past, I was, on the surface, simply just another single […]

waitrose parking

We’ve waxed on before about our love for the English grocery chain Waitrose…but on a recent trip, I noticed their priority parking for parents with kids, and fell even more in love with them. The best parking spots, devoted to families. I think Ikea does this too. Any other big companies you know of that […]

tanya clearing fog 2

To clarify, I want to say one thing: although the situation I’m in has definitely changed my life in more ways than one, it is what it is.  My being a widow is a part of what I am, but it’s not who I am. I am a mother, a daughter, a sister. I am […]


This is the introductory piece to a new series from Tanya Fujiki-Hastings, a new contributor to Momfilter, who writes a blog called T Spoon of Sunshine.  I’m a mom.  I’m single.  And I’m a widow.  Hi, I’m Tanya.  Nice to meet you. The first death anniversary of my late husband Ryan is quickly approaching and […]

picky eater

No one wants their kid to be a picky eater, not least of all a guy like me; I’ve basically built my entire adult life around food and drink. I’ve spent time preparing it, enjoying it, reading about it, sharing it, and writing about it. So when my son, Finn, came to town for Father’s […]

handstands sarah b

It’s July. Not every minute is crammed with camps or classes. The other day my five year-old draped a Duplo dinosaur with a strand of buttered linguine as if pasta were the new accessory for hard plastic fawn-colored dinosaurs. The dinosaur was “Dinee,” in case you wondered. “You need to wash the dinosaur,” I told […]

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