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The Lodge Griddle recently entered our kitchen and has spent little time off the stove. While it’s certainly great for the weekend feast of pancakes, eggs and bacon, we love it best these days for grilled cheese sandwiches. Though the seasoned cast iron makes the griddle quite heavy, its size allows us to cook up […]


When I was a kid, my mom used to make Dutch babies (they’re also called  German pancakes, Bismarcks, Dutch puffs and probably a few other names), and it always made breakfast feel special, fancy even, and we loved to sit by the oven peering in the window and watching as the flat batter puffed dramatically […]


My friend Eric is famous for his impressive Dutch Baby, which is a cross between a pancake and  a popover. He makes these for his kids on weekends and scores major oohs and ahhs from his own families and onlookers. He got the recipe from GQ, though the one below is from the blog React-Create. […]


Reader Jancee Dunn wrote in to tell us about Kodiak Cakes. From her rave review, we can’t wait to try them! “I don’t think you’ve written about Kodiak Cakes, which is a wholegrain pancake and waffle mix that has changed my life.  So, so easy: one cup mix, one cup water. Blend. Cook. And they’re super-healthy. […]


Back in the day, my wife Amy and I would spend our summer weekends in Quogue with her sister and parents. Her father Lou is famous for his pancake breakfast, which he makes frequently. He has an electric griddle that he puts on the table so all gathered can watch the pancakes cook and enjoy them fresh […]

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