pumpkin soup

Our friend Jen Miller had a clever way of bringing in her soup to the office when her kids’ thermos was being used by them. She just put her pumpkin soup in a glass jar, which meant that she could microwave it easily, and eat straight out of it. We like the way she added […]


Lunch dessert for kids is a slippery slope (not unlike lunch beer for adults). If you give in too often, it becomes expected, demanded even. And if you never give in, well that’s no fun and who wants to be multigrain-with-sprouts-mom all of the time? When my daughter made me an elaborate thank you card […]


We’re now at the end of the year with our Goodbyn bento box and I have to revise my original skepticism about the “flimsiness” of the product. It is a FANTASTIC lunchbox that has retained its perfect seal after hundreds of dishwasher cycles–not to mention daily abuse in backpacks that get thrown onto cement playgrounds. […]


There’s a lot of anxiety-producing change going on these first few weeks back at school.  New grades, classes, teachers, friends and a whole bunch of new rules to follow (like no-lovies in the classroom).  We love our friend Heidi’s ingenious and unobtrusive way to give a little extra assurance to her kids.  She sends her […]


Actually, after this went up, Kira emailed me to say that we had posted the wrong model. She’s a stickler for details, which is why we live by her recommendations! I am crazy for the lunch bowls from Happy Tiffin. I’ve tried every single reuseable lunch container there is and these don’t leak, come in […]

1st day

We figured, as much as we want to suspend the start of school (more for us, because it means summer is over, for us–we’re actually started getting excited for them to go back to school around mid-August), we can’t ignore it anymore. So here’s our list of some great posts we’ve found, that we’ll be […]

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