We saw this at the Weekapaug Inn in Rhode Island, and thought this was a clever idea for an outdoor party–be it a pool party, graduation, 4th of July. Buy several decanters, and put your hand sanitizer, sunscreen, and body lotion into them. Identify them by writing what they are in shells. If this is too […]

patch 1

My husband turned me on to this DIY site for kids…it’s a site where they can find their interest–from leatherworking to gymnastics, and everything in between…There are certain tasks listed, and when they accomplish them, they earn points. And then ultimately a patch. There’s a level that is free, and then one that is $9 […]

Chicago Splash Park

The next time you’re in Chicago, take the kids to Crown Fountain in Millenium Park. It’s our absolute favorite water spot in the city, and it’s totally free. The fountain has a large splash area and is right downtown. It’s bordered by Michigan Avenue and the city’s skyscrapers – you can even see the building […]

A Music Fest Fit for Kiddos

Allow me to utter what’s likely been said a thousand times already today – I am so over this winter. Okay? Okay. But while we are all commiserating in the freezing slush together, let’s start planning summer – which, to me, means music fests! The sun is peeking through the gray skies more regularly, I’ve […]


While visiting the lovely Blue Ridge Mountain town of Brevard, NC, recently, my kids and I came across these $16 bow and arrow sets in an epic toy store called O.P. Taylor’s. The store owner said he’d sold 500 of them in July, and they are definitely a hit in our house, as my kids haven’t […]


We saw this father and daughter doing a slackline in the park, and after watching them for a couple of minutes, they invited our daughter to join in. It was so much fun, and so great for learning balance and focus. Really easy to set up in a park, between two trees, and you can […]


We love the toddler edible art supplies from Wee Can Too,that are completely safe if ingested, as they are made from organic fruit and vegetable powders. They make finger paints, crayons, sculpting dough, and sidewalk chalk. Since we have a 10 year old, we have passed everything but the chalk to the toddlers in my brother’s […]


We recently moved into a new house and our friend Billy had these Pugg pop-up soccer goals delivered upon our arrival. It was the perfect housewarming gift/diversion from moving for kids and grownups. The goals are big enough to feel real and small enough to help with precision. The best part is that they fold […]


I was recently at the playground with my son and nephew watching them scale a pair of slippery, rounded parallel bars. Granted, my son has had stitches no fewer than four times in his short life. While I was hovering, imploring my headlong six-year-old to dismount, I knew I should have just let him walk […]


This enchanting dwelling is right up there on the list of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen. Kelly English, the Minneapolis designer and mom responsible for the Cheeriup Thicket, wove the entire structure out of willow with her two bare hands—putting her in a superhero crafting league of her own. The idea came about […]


As children, when my siblings and I would complain that we were bored, my mom always shooed us back outside with these three words: “Use your imagination.” We would scrunch up our faces, walk back out, twiddle some grass between our fingers, and eventually prove her right. Because who needed toys or television when our […]


Our friend Emma is an ardent researcher, so when she found this trampoline that’s small enough to fit in a Brooklyn backyard (it’s 7.5 feet in diameter), and she said it did well in reviews, we bought one too. Rain or shine, both of ours have served us well. We’re not going to get into all […]

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