These are eggs we bought in England—check out the stamps on the eggs, and then the “stamp explanation” on the front of the container below. I like how specific it is…not just “free range” eggs, but barn vs. cage, the country of origin, and the producer’s i.d. number. Talk about easy to track down should […]


The farmers’ market, which happens each Wednesday morning at Sheraton Waikiki, takes sustainable menus and farm-to-table to another level. The menu at the hotel restaurant, Kai, changes constantly depending on what’s fresh at the market the farmers have. Bonus: In-house guests can pop down to the Wednesday market and get a cup of fresh-brewed Kona coffee, […]


My German husband, Jörg, makes breakfast for our children every morning. The more thick slices of vollkornbrot smeared with real butter and strawberry jam he manages to pack into them before they leave the house, washed down with tall glasses of whole milk, the happier he starts his day. He has been eating this exact […]


Of course we would all love to be eating local, sustainable, and organic food. To do this all year, however, requires that you live in a sunny state or have deep pockets. It’s very nice then when Corporate America has its ear to the ground and understands that there are many good reasons to jump […]


The 250-year-old family-owned Bio-Hotel Stanglwirt in Austria effortlessly blends eco with luxury, and also happens to be among the dreamiest destinations for families, thanks to its insanely beautiful location, as well as the parents and kids (i.e., ready-made friends) it draws from all over. It’s hard not to be thoughtful about the environment and what we […]

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