These are some of my daughter’s most prized possessions…rotary dial phones, typewriter, and Polaroid pictures. I didn’t steer her in this direction at all—I swear! Every time we see an old phone or a typewriter at a garage sale or in a Salvation Army, she begs me to get it. And she is angling big […]


If you’re like me—a devotee to snail mail, inveterate postcard sender, collector of stationery, thank you and condolence note writer, and even closet Evite scoffer—or even if you’re not, you may well relate to the thrill of receiving an actual piece of physical mail addressed—not by machine—to you. If you’re like me—a great fan of […]


In the last couple of months, our daughter started asking for a typewriter. Then it became begging. We finally found one at an antique store, for around $40, and she loves it. What was drudgery for her before, writing about what she did over a break, was fun, once she got to type it out. […]

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