I’m a little hesitant to post this, because as far as I’m concerned, nobody has any truly free time between Thanksgiving and Christmas…but, in the off chance that you’re looking for a family project on Thanksgiving weekend, I do love the idea of making your own advent calendars. The one shown above came from a […]


Ever since my daughter brought home a light-up quiz board she made in 3rd grade, I’ve wanted to try one myself! This is something you can truly do at home – using wire or plain old aluminum foil as the conductive material, and, for the light-up element, an LED or single bulb from a string […]

walsh dining room

I met my friend Anna and her daughter Poppy at an early childhood family education class in Minneapolis when my daughter Mia was 6 months old. One day, in response to a bunch of first-time mom chatter surrounding sleep training and whether it was humane, Anna spoke up: “You know, after months of no sleep, […]


We were inspired to make these ‘cards’ by the simplicity of using LEDs to add a spark of light to any project. This is a great “wiring 101” project because kids can see exactly how a circuit works, and they can assemble it themselves without stripping wires, adding switches or worrying about being shocked. Once […]


Momfilter contributor Juliana Sohn sent us this amazing link, which shows you how to make these friendship bracelets. “I remembered making these all the time when I was a kid. It’s a little advanced, maybe for kids 8 and older, but the very simple just diagonal design may be doable for kids 6 and older…”  When […]


Kids can make a homemade diving toy sink or float on command with just a slight squeeze of the hand. Supplies you’ll need: Plastic water or soda bottle Plastic straw that bends Modeling clay Warm or room temperature tap water Funnel Step 1 Cut straw about 1.5 inches on either side of the bend. Step […]


This is a challenging project, but a great introduction to simple circuits. And how fun is it to make something that actually moves and lights up?! This project is best for children 7 and up, and adult help will be needed. The site referenced in the supply list–Electronic Goldmine–is a fantastic resource for inexpensive electronic […]

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