The New York-based fashion photographer Mei Tao has an enviable look that is both casual and just the right amount of fashion-y. She has an uncanny knack for pairing classics with a bit of whimsy—as well as for the great sample sale or big-box store find. What she’s wearing right now: A painter’s t-shirt from […]

sarah opener

Every day in our office at Condé Nast Traveler, we get to work with our wonderful fashion director and friend Sarah Meikle. And every day we end up asking her about every single thing she is wearing. Today she gives us the full scoop. What makes the uniform the uniform? My uniform consists of mixing […]


Our friend Lindsay picked up these sneakers at H&M the other week, and we love the way they look. Perfect for jazzing up a pair of jeans without having to wear a heel. They’re $50 and you can buy them online if you don’t have an H&M near you. We haven’t heard how comfortable they […]


My friend’s little son currently refuses to wear anything with a proper waistband, he only wants what he affectionately calls “soft pants.” I can relate. While I have strict policies for myself about these things– I work from home and have firsthand experience on what a slippery slope stretchy pants can be– I bent the rules […]

uniqlo leather pants

Yesterday our friend Jen was wearing these great faux leather pants. (But even from a couple of feet away I could have sworn they were leather.) I was sure she was going to say they came from designer, and cost a pretty penny, but no, she got them at Uniqlo. $29.90. They are a perfect […]

becca camo madewell

Our friend Becca was wearing these Madewell jeans the other day. They’re camo, but because of their cut, they look feminine, with just that right amount of tomboy. If these are your flavor, they are on sale right now for $109. I know because I just ordered them.


Some people just have a knack for layering bracelets and cords on their wrists. And while I myself feel self-conscious beyond two bracelets, I love the way it looks. This week I took a picture of my friend Ayesha’s wrist on Monday (see above), and then yesterday, she had a whole new look going on […]

thakoon dress

Our friend Jen Miller was wearing this great dress yesterday at work. It was the kind of dress that worked perfectly as a sophisticated office summer dress, but could totally work in spring and fall too. I was expecting it to be from some Marni sample sale or some such–it sure looked quality/expensive. But no, […]

cole haan 1

Yesterday I ran into Karen, a mom I know from school, who had on these super flattering shoes from Cole Haan. She told us they’re so comfortable that she is planning to get them in more colors in case they discontinue the style. Although she did say that the nude color does elongate the leg…which […]

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