Sometimes I feel like a dad in a bra. I travel a lot for work and often miss two-weeks’ worth of Lego masterpieces, bathtub confessionals, bedtime tuck-ins and, even, painfully, the occasional milestone. There’s the attempt to Skype (although I can’t compete with my boys’ fascination with their own image.) The guilt-ridden airport-shopping for treats. […]


I’ve been watching the new NBC show  “Up All Night” starring  Christina Applegate (who is also the show’s creator) and SNL alum Maya Rudolph. It’s a show aimed right at the sleep-deprived jugular of anyone who is or ever has been a new parent. Christina Applegate is a new mom whose husband stays home to […]

dining room

We saw this house featured in the LA Times, and had to share it here. It was designed by the firm Marmol Radziner, and just look at that play structure, and that bed, and that pool just off the dining room…


We recently came across the work of Ali Smith, who has spent the past eight years photographing and interviewing mothers. Her resulting project, Momma Love; How the Mother Half Lives, tells more about the state of modern motherhood than anything we’ve seen in the last decade. We appreciate the differences and collective wisdom among the subjects, […]


The former editor-in-chief of Redbook, Stacy Morrison, is the author of Falling Apart in One Piece, a memoir about divorce. The following is an excerpt. I suppose I should start where it all started. Or, more specifically, started ending. The night Chris told me he was done with our marriage. I can recall with crystalline clarity exactly […]


Last summer, my husband fell into the habit of bringing trashy celebrity rags home from his work trips. We’d skim through them, play the who-had-Botox game, and invariably we’d throw them onto the coffee table pile. Call me clueless, but I never imagined that US Weekly would turn the head of my then six year […]


We love Annie Leonard’s projects, especially “The Story of Stuff“, but now we like her even more: In a recent New York Times Magazine article she talks about how she and 10 friends bought six houses on a single block over the course of 20 years. “We call it a kampung, an Indonesian term for compound […]


The thing is, the Fisher-Price swing we were given as a gift broke all of Nivi’s rules: it made noise, was deeply plastic and took up a lot of space. Whereas the only part that was plastic in Nivi’s swing was the Rubbermaid base. So that’s our daughter at about two months, swaddled to near-suffocation […]


Our friend Harold travels frequently for work, and for long stretches at a time. And he stays supremely connected with his family by using Skype as much as possible. His wife had friends over for brunch, and he joined them from across country. He’s intermediated with the kids when his wife Jennifer has had it with […]


Jenny Rosenstrach’s family dinner blog, Dinner a Love Story, is among our favorite bookmarks. If somehow you haven’t checked it out yet, you have to. Right now. If you need more convincing, go straight to The Blame Game. Nothing like the honesty of showing your boozy recycling bin to endear you to us for life.

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