From the Momfilter Archives  I love the spicy sweetness of pumpkin pie. Will you think of less of me if I confess I love it for breakfast the morning after Thanksgiving? What I don’t love is the half can of pumpkin puree baking a pie leaves behind. If you don’t have a plan for it, […]

raos rice

We just spent a long weekend with friends, and their 11 year old daughter Madeleine turned us on to a great fast meal. Our daughter was “starving”, and all our friends had in the fridge was some old take-out rice. Madeleine offered to make her “Rao’s Rice”, which is basically taking the rice, dumping it […]

unplugged kitchen

I read in Viana LaPlace’s cookbook Unplugged Kitchen: A Return to the Simple, Authentic Joys of Cooking, that she cleaned out her fridge, including cheese rinds and crusts of bread, and made yummy soup with the week’s leftovers. My grandmother would save every morsel of leftover meals in big to teeny tiny Tupperware containers and create […]

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