lodge sec

The Lodge Griddle recently entered our kitchen and has spent little time off the stove. While it’s certainly great for the weekend feast of pancakes, eggs and bacon, we love it best these days for grilled cheese sandwiches. Though the seasoned cast iron makes the griddle quite heavy, its size allows us to cook up […]

balsamic glaze

Our friend Liana always has the most epic cheese and charcuterie boards, which usually have some quince paste, maybe some walnuts and almonds, grapes, and olives. At her most recent dinner party, she had some mozzarella as well, along with some of this balsamic vinegar glaze, which I’d never had before. We just put a […]


We love these machine washable reusable cotton covers for bowls…so much better than plastic wrap! Besides being useful and smart, we also love their messaging ‘Tomorrow’s Breakfast”, “Waste Not, Want Not”, and “Save Some For Me”…Thanks Jenni Kayne for turning us onto them.


Perhaps, you have a young aspiring chef (I do). Perhaps, you’re encouraging of this ambition-slash-passion (I am). Your child may have big ideas, in terms of desired kitchen items. Mine wanted a pasta attachment for the Kitchen Aid, for example, one year, and a chef’s knife another. These are pricey desires. There is one thing […]

egg cutter

I found these scissors (for soft boiled eggs) in an antique store in Bethlehem, PA. I have never seen any like this, and now I’m obsessed with trying to find more to give as gifts. I have some modern ones, and they just don’t work as well (see how perfect the cut is on the […]

garlic expresser

I think I learned this trick from Jacques Pepin…every time I make vinaigrette, I express one clove of garlic into it. It gives it just the right amount of extra kick, and it’s also good for you. Everything around the garlic is some combo of oil, vinegar (I’m a fan of Champagne vinegar), lemon if […]


We are crazy about these  bkr glass bottles. It’s so hard to remember to drink enough water, but somehow, since carrying these around is actually a pleasure, we’ve actually been hydrating as we should. The silicone sleeve means it’s not likely to break, and the glass bottle means you don’t have to worry about all […]


I was gifted a loofah and my boys had a great time peeling them apart. I always thought loofahs were sea sponges. but it turns out they are plants. The kids found them too rough on their bodies but I found them to be excellent for washing dishes and scrubbing the sink and tub. The […]

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