A friend of ours forwarded us this link about this awesome looking kindergarten in Paris. Of course we know that what counts is what’s happening on the inside (our kids have spent over 5 years in a wonderful public school that also happens to look very institutional looking from certain angles). But it’s fun to look at, […]


The Tripod Grip? As you can see, my son fists his pencil while cataloging the numerous assaults issued by “good guys” and “bad guys”. While it is mostly a pleasure for me to watch him let his all-boy fantasy flag fly, I do get stuck on his pencil grip. I know from my first son […]

2ndguessing2 copy

A couple of years ago, my wife and I were in the classic push-or-hold kindergarten dilemma with regard to our elder son, who wouldn’t be five till November. First we were going to hold him. (Dash had started preschool a year later than most kids, and we weren’t sure he was ready socially.) By midsummer, […]

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