It seems hard enough to get them to brush, I realize, but, as we all know, the sooner we help them form the flossing habit the better. A dentist once told me that it’s more important to floss than to brush. Because it’s hard for their little hands to use string, I use disposable flossers, […]


I’m totally sold on our pediatric dentist. And not just because his office is a menagerie of distractions—a huge aquarium, a pretend-you’re-driving station, shelves full of books, treasure boxes brimming with cool gizmos like squishy worms and bubble necklaces. The uncomfortable poking and prodding of teeth doesn’t seem nearly so bad when you get to […]


On a recent routine dental checkup, my daughter’s dentist suggested we do sealants. As a master researcher of all things health-related, I am embarrassed to admit that I was stumped. In a moment of weakness–or perhaps blind faith–I succumbed. (Okay, I also couldn’t bear the thought of having to drag her back into the city […]

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