Merrell Before Photo

Yes it is nice to silently appreciate and value the reliable workhorse products we use on any (or every) given day, but one of my tasks today made me want to shout from the rooftops about my admiration for a product, a thing, a purchasable item, one of those old standbys that I buy again […]


Like what seems like millions of people before me, I recently started running, read the book Born to Run and got totally enamored with the whole barefoot running movement. I bought myself the Merrell Women’s Barefoot Run Dash Glove shoes and loved them. After doing some research I quickly realized that minimalist running sneakers were probably the […]


The tyranny of the Ugg…kills me. There should be a law against kids’ shoes that over $75—none of us would buy an expensive pair of shoes we knew we would only have a year or less. And at that price, shouldn’t they at least have some arch support? But if you can’t get around them, […]


Smallable is one of those blogs that, depending on your personality, you’ll either be completely inspired, or you’ll be very irritated. Looking at beautiful kids fashion is one of those things where unless you are handy with a sewing machine, or haven’t been affected by the economy…well, it can be really annoying. But, because this […]

camper opener

Our friend’s son was wearing these Camper Wabi sandals over the weekend. Far more snug to the foot than the floppy Croc, they stay on, they don’t slip, and they’re actually cute. Apparently they even have arch support. Although it’s a little late for this summer, but we’re just going to buy them in a […]

ugg boot

Honestly, I’m not an Ugg fan. Yes, I have a pair of the classic boot, which I wear all winter long and feel a little like Goldie Hawn caught by the paparazzi in a Malibu grocery store. But look at these super cute desert boots they make for kids! They’re so perfect, and they should […]

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