For those of us who have yet to invest in something more than a metal bed frame for our kids, Blik Wall Graphics has the perfect solution:  graphic interpretations of headboards that you apply to the wall like a giant sticker.  In addition to headboards, they have adhesive robots, kitty cats, enchanted forests and castles, […]


A friend of ours forwarded us this link about this awesome looking kindergarten in Paris. Of course we know that what counts is what’s happening on the inside (our kids have spent over 5 years in a wonderful public school that also happens to look very institutional looking from certain angles). But it’s fun to look at, […]


Our friend Jennie forwarded this to us–her sister had seen it at a friend’s house: “This crib is the effing deal of the century! A crib that looks like Dwell Studio, that costs less than $300 and is solid! Here’s my friend’s room with two of them for her twins!” Here is a link to […]

rocking horse

Just because you are a new parent doesn’t mean all your good design taste has to go out the window. Choosing great looking kids’ toys that may have to live out in the open can be a challenge, particularly if you do not have the luxury of spaces dedicated solely for kid play. Big plastic […]


How cool is this hopscotch rug?! Perfect for a rainy day inside play, or any day…and the color of it is a nice grey, and would work really well with whatever room color your kids have. It’s even nice enough to have in an entryway. I saw it at someone’s house, and it was the […]


Our friend Cory sent us the link to 20×200, a site that specializes in affordable prints, and is supremely curated by Jen Bekman. We’ve written about it before, but you know how it goes…we forget to regularly check in on it. These prints from Eadweard Muybridge are fantastic. The 8×10 prints which were only $24 […]


I have a hard time with the idea of “decorating” a kid’s room. (In fact, I have a hard time with the word in general, despite my appreciation for the craft when done well). In an ideal world you want your kids’ rooms to reflect who they are at the moment to as great a […]


Our friend Kiera turned us on to this site Wood & Wool Stool, which she found when she was trying to add to her collection of crocheted clothing hangers. We love these hangers for kid-sized clothes, and are crazy about her crocheted garlands.


For some time I have been wanting to introduce more color into our boys’ room without having to paint the walls. My husband is a stark minimalist. This morning as a gift to me, he put up a collection of framed images–some photos, a couple of pieces of my kids’ art, a line drawing of […]

ikea rug

For whatever reason, the IKEA website is never quite up-to-date or comprehensive enough for us. It requires moms in the field to keep us abreast of what’s new and great at our favorite emporium. I just saw this cute rug for just $39! And it’s one of the good ones with the high-knot count. Plush […]

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