From the Momfilter Archives  Putumayo‘s compilations of children’s music are such reliable standbys in the genre, so consistently good, that I end up never writing about them. I realize that doesn’t sound as if it makes any sense, but it does: It’s not because I take them for granted, exactly, but because I have this […]


My husband bought this Casper record at a yard sale for a buck last summer and my kids are obsessed! The company was created in the 1940’s and it specialized in kids’ music and stories. Our Casper record is full of crazy over-dramatic witches, ghosts and monsters. When the record is playing, my very active […]

Baobab cover

World music—a term no one really likes but no one has come up with a fully utilitarian replacement for, either—has always been a big part of children’s music, going at least as far back as Pete Seeger’s interpretations of folk songs from foreign lands. Today it’s pretty much its own subgenre; Putumayo alone puts out […]


Back in the anxious days before the arrival of my first son, I remember a work colleague who was already a parent asking me if I had any Dan Zanes albums yet. I didn’t know the name, and she looked at me a little incredulously across the divide that is parenting before smiling and saying, […]

too many cookes

When I heard that Mick Cooke of Scottish band Belle and Sebastian had a children’s album out, I was expecting something a little different, sure. Somehow, though, I wasn’t prepared for just how eccentric it turned out to be—or, to be honest, how much fun. Down at the Zoo emerged from what’s now the album’s […]


Sting. Gene Simmons. Add to the list of schoolteachers-turned-star-musicians the kids’-music trio known as Recess Monkey. Okay, so maybe this Seattle-based group isn’t as well-known as those other two, but to my mind they’re among the true superstars of the kid-music genre, right up there with household names like Dan Zanes. It’s also a bit […]

WannaPlay_sunshine collective_momfilter

Today’s children’s music is more and more geared toward a sound that both adults and kids will enjoy. And with an ever-increasing number of established adult musicians delving into the kid genre (from They Might Be Giants to Barenaked Ladies to The Verve Pipe), it was probably just a matter of time until someone recorded […]


The “Old School” tag has pretty much jumped the shark these days, but it fits my purpose here well: These posts are about the unique joy of sharing something you enjoyed as a kid with your own children. And how better to start than with Pete Seeger, who’s working on at least his third generation […]

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