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As a younger mother I imagined quality time with my daughters. We’d be traipsing over a bridge shouting at gulls, smelling the sea air, picking fresh berries, singing Joni Mitchell…such beautiful ideas, but I was working full time building an artisan food business. I was energized by that, but it was also exhausting and a […]

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When my son, Beckett, was two, I took him to see “Wall-E” – his first movie theater experience.  I had a feeling it was the wrong choice for someone still in diapers, but every time he saw the trailer, he would scream, “Wall-E!”  and run around in circles.  Worst case, if he grew bored and […]


My mother used to turn off my Saturday morning cartoons and make me listen to 40s radio cartoons, very unsuccessfully as you might guess. But she did introduce me to something different, and knowing a bit about that genre later let me impress the coolest guy in my college English class, who had actually wanted […]

brady bunch

I will be forever grateful to my dear friend Jenny for telling me to get the Brady Bunch dvd set for our daughter. Recently we have had several 6 hour-plus road trips, and the dvds were a major factor a pretty much whine-free trip. They’re especially good for a child who doesn’t like anything scary, […]


One cold, house-bound weekend when we had exhausted every board game, my Dutch friend Inez turned our family on to the Thunderbirds—the mid-60s British science fiction show created by a husband and wife puppetmaster team, who pioneered a sophisticated brand of live-action marionette puppetry called “Supermarionation.” A kind of mashup of James Bond and Mr. Rogers, […]

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