In praise of Bareburger, in Park Slope. It’s not even that the food is so fantastic–it’s no Franny’s. It’s a very decent burger with too many options for toppings for my taste, but the meat—your choice of everything from beef, to bison to even ostrich, if you can believe–is 100%, painfully, and deliberately organic. And […]


How clever is this spot in Los Altos, Ca (the Bay Area), Bumble, which has a cafe and a playroom and an outdoor space, all geared towards families. I love everything about it. And being that it’s in Northern California, it almost goes without saying that it has locally sourced organic food, plus, they serve […]

wagamama menu

We get so excited when we find a not dumbed-down kids menu. How is it that a restaurant that serves wild caught fish, locally raised chickens, and organic greens, can have a kids menu with commercial chicken fingers, pasta with butter, and overcooked broccoli? (And I’m not exaggerating–that is a true story, from a hotel […]

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