iq test

Remember these IQ test games you used to see at diners every once in a while? We picked one up recently, and it is one of the favorite weekend games that our friends and their kids pick up and play with.  We are always on the hunt for unusual gifts to bring to friends we […]


For reasons I cannot quite fully understand, my eight year old has not gotten over her “there’s a new baby in the house” jealousy even though her younger brother will be five (that’s years, not months) in a week.  They’ll be playing together happily but then things will take a turn for the worse. Cue […]


We are not game people, as much as I’d like us to be. (Well maybe it’s my husband who doesn’t like games.) But somehow, a couple of weeks ago, after our daughter had made place cards for a small dinner party, he mixed up all the name cards, licked the back of one, and stuck […]

match game

My neighbor who has much older kids dug these out of his garage and gifted them to Mischa and Phoebe. They are such a throwback…tech hungry kids might at first wonder where the bells and whistles are, but they are so simple and addictive that I even wanted to play with them. Perfect car trip […]


It’s been cold for months in NYC, really cold at times. This has led to a tremendous amount of indoor family togetherness, which, in turn, has resulted in a constantly messy house, lots of squabbling, and some truly inventive name calling. It hasn’t been all bad, a few new cocktails have been explored, we introduced […]


First of all, please only comment if you are on board with hand held games for kids. This is not a debate about whether kids should be allowed to play video games at all, ie., I’ve already decided to get my son one of these devices and have spent enough years wishing I were a […]


Several years ago, we bought one of these “Original IQ Test Peg Board Games” at a Cracker Barrel while on a road trip. At the time, it was too advanced for our 5 year old. But last weekend, our friends discovered it in a drawer, and it became the weekend distraction. It’s super light and […]


My 9-year-old son came home from a sleepover the other morning famously bleary-eyed but talking nonetheless about how he and the four other boys had played M.A.S.H. Huh? “You know, the game that predicts your future like if you’re gonna live in a Mansion, Apartment, Shack or House?” Yes! To learn your future, you name […]


A couple of weeks ago I went through our game/toy box area, and decided to move the outdoor-ish games that could be played out front, to a box in our entrance, which we had only been using for umbrellas, dog poop sacks, and newspapers. As soon as the horseshoe game went into that box, we […]

track ball

My brother and I were obsessed with track ball in the 80s. Imagine jai-alai meets lacrosse meets backyard catch. It’s a great alternative to Frisbee. Because the ball is so light, you don’t have to worry about breaking windows either. We just picked up ours for 25 cents at a rummage sale, but you can […]

playing cards

When dining out, the iPhone has become both a blessing and a curse;  my husband and I get to have an uninterrupted grown-up conversation with complete sentences but my son withdraws into the world of gaming, oblivious to the skills of waiting patiently or entertaining himself. I love it and I hate it. For times […]

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