As a child, I did not fly anywhere except to visit India, the country from where my parents emigrated to the United States. Air travel in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s was inconvenient and expensive and, as immigrants, any travel was a luxury. On those trips to India, in 1982, 1987, 1990, and 1996, […]


Pilar’s post about collecting vintage Hardy Boys books inspired me to seek out stories of my favorite childhood detective, Trixie Belden. Score! I found a bunch on eBay and Etsy featuring this scrappy 13-year-old amateur sleuth and her trusty Bob-Whites of the Glen crew.  If you have a middle grade reader, they may find Trixie […]


One Saturday morning I couldn’t easily stand up after the morning cartoons ended. I was four. I announced to my mother that I had appendicitis. She said something along the lines of “Nonsense.” But I did have a fever. So, she took me to the doctor and he sent us to the hospital for an […]


Our friends’ daughter just bought this book, The Day the Crayons Quit, at her school book fair. I saw it when we went to their house for dinner last night, and I liked it so much that I sat there reading it instead of being good company. It’s so clever, and the illustrations are great.


My mother-in-law gave my daughter this sweet book last year and we are just now reading it. The book’s namesake, a 100 year-old doll named Hitty, tells her life story up to this point — and boy has she gotten around. First published in 1929, author Rachel Field was inspired by a carved wooden doll […]

nerd alert

I just discovered the blog Nerd Alert, which has great book reviews written by Phoebe, the middle-school aged daughter of Jenny and Andy of Dinner a Love Story. It’s fantastic—the selections are unexpected, she gives age recommendations, and just enough of a sense of story that you can figure out if it’s up your kid’s […]

book a day

Early every morning when I make my way to the computer at the kitchen counter where I work, I go on Twitter pretty much straight away. I have this great practice, which is to look out the window at the morning sky (#Sky) and write what I see in 140 characters or less, the grey […]


The Tree Book for Kids And Their Grown-Ups is everything you have ever wanted to know about the trees you walk by every day, broken down by buds, leaves, bark, flowers, and seed. A perfect kid birthday gift for that no-Barbie, no-SpongeBob, hard-to-please Brooklyn parent.


Is your child an avid reader or a reluctant one? Having been a bookworm, I felt very comfortable when my first son seemed to be born with a love of books—it felt like an inherited trait. The next guy, well, he liked construction, then soccer, and then environmentalism and then cooking. His love of reading […]

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