Back in the anxious days before the arrival of my first son, I remember a work colleague who was already a parent asking me if I had any Dan Zanes albums yet. I didn’t know the name, and she looked at me a little incredulously across the divide that is parenting before smiling and saying, […]


Sting. Gene Simmons. Add to the list of schoolteachers-turned-star-musicians the kids’-music trio known as Recess Monkey. Okay, so maybe this Seattle-based group isn’t as well-known as those other two, but to my mind they’re among the true superstars of the kid-music genre, right up there with household names like Dan Zanes. It’s also a bit […]

WannaPlay_sunshine collective_momfilter

Today’s children’s music is more and more geared toward a sound that both adults and kids will enjoy. And with an ever-increasing number of established adult musicians delving into the kid genre (from They Might Be Giants to Barenaked Ladies to The Verve Pipe), it was probably just a matter of time until someone recorded […]


I thought about trying to become the only U.S. reviewer not to mention Paul Simon in a piece on Ladysmith Black Mambazo’s new album, but it’s just impossible, isn’t it? (Look, I blew it already.) Nearly any American parent’s first contact with the South African a cappella musicians was the now-classic Graceland album, though the […]

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