We are all about finding new salves and balms for the winter–for ourselves and our kids. This one called Potlatch Hand Salve, is one of our new favorites this season. Besides the fact that it has been keeping our hands from cracking/flaking this winter, we love the packaging, and the story behind it. Merryl Spence, […]


This year we discovered this balm from Pasolivo Olive Oil in California, and it’s our new favorite. It’s a bigger stick than just a regular lip balm (think Bonnie Bell Lip Smacker size!), which means that, besides using it on chapped lips, it’s easy to rub on cheeks or hands that need it. It’s also […]


This winter I got introduced to this moisturizer from Brooklyn-based Liz Raganella. To give you a little background, I am one of the hardest to please when it come to a face cream, especially in the winter. Most of them leave me completely dry by the middle of the day. But this one, the sweet […]


Okay, the name is a little wierd (EmuGency First Aid Stick), but it’s the all-purpose balm that we always keep on hand. Made from emu oil, it and can be used on kids and grownups for chapped lips or skin, bug bites, rashes, and burns.


Yolanda has been proselytizing everyone we know about the amazing Organic Pharmacy. I just bought the all-natural Carrot Butter facial cleanser, which is a miracle for dry skin. Check out the new mascara too. Call LA store to ship in the US.


This Cococare stick is necessary for every mom’s bag. . . and you know it’s good if it passed the Oprah test. It works wonders for chapped children’s winter cheeks, everyone’s chapped lips, and dry hands. I love that it is small and can live in my bag, or a pocket. But order 2 or […]

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