patch 1

My husband turned me on to this DIY site for kids…it’s a site where they can find their interest–from leatherworking to gymnastics, and everything in between…There are certain tasks listed, and when they accomplish them, they earn points. And then ultimately a patch. There’s a level that is free, and then one that is $9 […]

water park

Last month, my husband and I were itching to travel somewhere with the kids. But – naturally – we hadn’t made any sort of game plan. And given this never-ending winter, we preferred the instant gratification route, if at all possible. Our goals: somewhere catered to families and somewhere needing little to no planning. Enter […]


At a recent play date, a neighbor mom snapped this shot of our kids acting out a scene from ‘Frozen’ on their basement stage, which she decorated with holiday lights for extra ambiance. Considering the frequency of spontaneous dance parties and variety shows directed by my daughters, this is now on my wish list. If […]


For reasons I cannot quite fully understand, my eight year old has not gotten over her “there’s a new baby in the house” jealousy even though her younger brother will be five (that’s years, not months) in a week.  They’ll be playing together happily but then things will take a turn for the worse. Cue […]

picnic indoors

Our dear friend Becky had a lovely dinner party the other night, and came up with this picnic riff to allow both adults and kids to have their own space. The adults were seated at the dining table in the adjacent room, and the kids sat around the picnic blanket, which had some candles from […]

puzzle table

Slow Food, Slow Travel—it seems like Slow Family should be the next thing…?! Well, on our spring break, we rediscovered the puzzle, and especially the ginormous kind–one that seems like it could take weeks to finish. Deeply therapeutic. Check out this amazing puzzle table that they had in the library of the Homestead Resort, which […]


It’s been cold for months in NYC, really cold at times. This has led to a tremendous amount of indoor family togetherness, which, in turn, has resulted in a constantly messy house, lots of squabbling, and some truly inventive name calling. It hasn’t been all bad, a few new cocktails have been explored, we introduced […]

star wars flyers

Sign me up! Or rather, sign up my two boys (ages 8 and 10) who love pretty much all things Star Wars and have killed more than their share of fine trees folding and flying paper airplanes.  So when I saw this book, I didn’t hesitate to purchase. There are five copies of six different […]

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