On a recent trip to Maine, someone told me about this place called Mackworth Island, very close to Portland, where there are loads of fairy houses. Of course most of them are built by fairies, but you are welcome to build your own, which we did. It was a magical hour, from the drive across […]


I have envisioned my children engaged in good old fashioned correspondence by post for sometime now. Snail mail as they call it. Growing up I had a pen pal, granted a West Coast wild child pen pal, who’s adventures always left me feeling like my East Coast suburban days we’re modest,boring even. But for several […]

imaginary foe

When my son Beckett was three, he had a whole posse of imaginary friends: There was Bip and Lap, tween brothers who lived by themselves in a brick office building across the street. John, the imaginary butler, who spent most of his time in Paris and Chicago. There was Julie, a blue-faced blonde who lived […]

glow ball

One of my favorite things to do with my kids is turn off all the lights and sit in a circle either on a bed or carpet and play “Glowball Story Time”. Whoever is holding the Glow Globe gets to start. They begin the tale and then pass the ball to the person on the […]

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