indoor trampolines

Every year we go through the same thing–it’s so frigid outside that it’s hard to imagine running the kids around for any length of time. I was thinking about getting one of these indoor trampolines that folds up for relatively easy storage. What do you think? Any suggestions or thoughts? (This one is from Galt.)


As children, when my siblings and I would complain that we were bored, my mom always shooed us back outside with these three words: “Use your imagination.” We would scrunch up our faces, walk back out, twiddle some grass between our fingers, and eventually prove her right. Because who needed toys or television when our […]


If your kid loves a clapping, skipping, playground game, and you want more ideas to expand the repertoire, there is a great English website, Playground Fun, that has a bunch. The site offers great instructions and pictures, and most of its contributors are kids.


We discovered the Ladybug Game a couple of summers ago when my sister came to visit. For those of us who would rather clean our ovens than play yet another game of Candyland, the Ladybug Game is a sweet board game (invented by a kid) that kids as little as 3 (and as old as […]

momfilter rory evans home toddler office

We recently slightly downsized from a small apartment to a tiny apartment, just as our daughter had learned to walk and talk and get interested in activities other than lying on her back and babbling to her toes. With these new activities and interests came a growing pile of toys and dolls and crap, which […]

phones opener

The number of hours our daughter has spent playing with old phones is kind of astounding: We have always kept a push button one around for emergencies, which she loves, and then we recently found a rotary dial phone for $5 at a garage sale. She plays with them with friends, and on her own. […]


All you need to make a flip book is a pack of post-it notes, some dot stickers, and a good pen. A binder clip is handy—it helps keep the post-it pack bound after it’s been thumbed through a few times. You can find these supplies at any office supply store. Supplies: Pack of post-it notes […]

Room Service at home

After a few house-bound snow days over the course of a couple of weeks, we were looking for ways to entertain ourselves. One morning my older son came with the idea of having me deliver pancakes and smoothies to him and his brother in the family room–a room where we almost never eat–as though we […]

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