coffee milk

I discovered coffee milk on a trip to Rhode Island  last year…it’s actually their state drink! Basically, it’s a coffee syrup with lots of sugar in it, that you add to milk. There are all different kinds you can buy, but I think the best comes from Dave’s, a small craft coffee roaster and cafe, […]


When my son was born, I found myself making a quick transition from coffee-as-pleasure into coffee-as-fuel. I had, at one time, enjoyed the act of waking up, putting on a pot of water, prepping my french press, and at least quietly considering the day ahead. With baby, I no longer cared about the provenance of […]


You may already know about making coffee ice cubes, but I was reminded to do this by my friend Gina, who is the master of the artful repurpose. When you have a couple of cups remaining in the coffee carafe, which you invariably do, pour it into an ice tray. It makes for perfect, undiluted […]

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