In case you haven’t heard about Sam Sifton’s new book about Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving: How to Cook it Well, it’s a fantastic definitive guide to the meal. We meant to post about this last week, when it really could have done you some good (it’s even just great as a hostess gift), but in getting ready […]


I was in Paris last week for work, and was invited to some friends’ house for dinner. When dessert came out, our friends said it was time to play their favorite card game “Truth or Dare”, which is a very thoughtful grown-up version of the game we all know. Questions like “Who are you? “Do you ever […]


Trust me–this idea, although hard to see, is a good one. Take the candles off a birthday cake (this one looks to be from a 70th birthday party), and glue them onto a piece of wood. You could make it as rough or as complex as you like–the idea is what makes it. I wish […]


The other night, I was at my friend Liana’s house, and she pulled out this chocolate bar for dessert (turns out it was her daughters’, a gift to them from a friend who had brought it for them from abroad–and looks like you can only get it there). I didn’t pay attention to the label […]

gift box

We are huge fans of photographer Georgia Kokolis, so when she told us she had started making Shaker gift baskets with local upstate and Berkshire products, we got excited. She started the business Lebanon Springs Vintage with a friend she had met through their kids’ school–they both had a passion for their local producers, and […]

host gift

We love the idea of bringing a host some beautiful fruits or vegetables–but putting it on a nice plate or platter just ups the special factor. We are always spotting small plates or platters at garage sales or junk shops, and now we buy them and put them in our gift area, so they are […]

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 6.29

Every season, I look around for new summer blanket for my boys. We have some Ikea blankets that are functional, but disappoint me with the thought of my children swaddled in acrylic fuzz every night. I can do better! My guilt was alleviated last week when a mother at school told me that her children’s […]

iq test

Remember these IQ test games you used to see at diners every once in a while? We picked one up recently, and it is one of the favorite weekend games that our friends and their kids pick up and play with.  We are always on the hunt for unusual gifts to bring to friends we […]


Okay, maybe calling this a meditative book is overselling it, or just plain wrong, for half of the population. But for those of you who like seeing things in order, even if you aren’t like this in your personal life, The Art of Clean Up is very calming. (Then again, consider that your source finds […]

kino sandals 1

We know, it’s not summer yet, but thinking ahead…we love these Kino sandals that are handmade in Key West, and since they take a little planning ahead (2 weeks from when you order), they’re good to know about now. First of all, they’re super cute and comfy (leather upper and rubber bottom), but they’re also just […]

pink peppercorns

Not so many people have pink peppercorns in their pantry, and we think that should change. Besides being a different accent (the taste is bright and spicy but not too much) than black pepper, they can even be put whole into salads or on a cheese board. They smash easily so it isn’t like eating […]

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