I first learned about these Blackwing pencils when I started to research pencil sharpeners—but that’s another post! I didn’t know until then that there are many people who are very particular about the quality of their pencil. The Blackwing has its roots in Eberhard Faber—it was introduced in the 1930’s and favored by writers, musicians and […]

clara homework

This week, my 9 year old daughter forgot her math homework at school, and not getting it done meant she was going to miss going out to lunch with her friends. So it was high drama. After we got done with talking about it, I told her she should call a friend and see if […]


Momfilter has gotten a handful of emails about the emphasis that schools place on standardized state tests, namely the math tests that start in 3rd grade in some states. The question to Dr. Maksik is how we as parents help our kids—and therefore ourselves—deal with this stress that many kids feel leading up to these […]

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