From the Momfilter Archives  Putumayo‘s compilations of children’s music are such reliable standbys in the genre, so consistently good, that I end up never writing about them. I realize that doesn’t sound as if it makes any sense, but it does: It’s not because I take them for granted, exactly, but because I have this […]


From the Momfilter Archives  We’re so curious how other people celebrate the holidays in their homes. For those that celebrate Christmas, we’re interested to know how/if you deal with Santa. Do you wrap presents from him? Does he just fill the stockings? Do you open family presents at the same time? Do you have your […]


From the Momfilter Archives  Sitting with my boys to write letters to Santa might be one of my favorite holiday rituals–the care with which they consider the ask, the penmanship, and even their sensitivity to S.C.’s demanding job. But the more questions I get about logistics–how the jolly fella manages to circle the globe in […]

traveler's tree

From the Momfilter Archives  We’re going to be away for the holidays and I decided not to get a tree–I couldn’t bear the thought of throwing out a perfectly good tree on December 19th, or returning home to a dead fir in the new year. I get the plastic tree appeal, but I just can’t. […]


From the Momfilter Archives  A couple of days ago we posted about our favorite DIY advent calendars, but we are very aware that many of us (ourselves included) will probably not make one on our own (at least not this year)! So, in case you’re into advent calendars, and want some ideas, here’s what we […]


I’m a little hesitant to post this, because as far as I’m concerned, nobody has any truly free time between Thanksgiving and Christmas…but, in the off chance that you’re looking for a family project on Thanksgiving weekend, I do love the idea of making your own advent calendars. The one shown above came from a […]


From the Momfilter archives: Our new favorite craft blogger, Camilla Fabbri, just sent us in some crafts that are so cute we can’t wait to do them this weekend! Check out this fantastic faux turquoise cork necklace. It looks so great, but it’s actually super easy–she took corks, cut them up, painted them with craft […]


I swear I will not let the holiday season take me down this year.  Each year, I have every intention of slowing down, planning ahead, and taking time for myself……and every year, I whiff that plan and end up having a meltdown in some inappropriate place and soothing my soul with Doritos. At this time […]

pg advent cal

This is a real last-minute answer to the advent calendar (in fact, this year we are just doing a 12-day because we are so late). My kids made and decorated a pouch out of paper that holds two treats (one for each kid).  They made two compartments by stapling down the middle and we use […]

wooden bowls

I moved across the street from the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens a few years ago and I love wandering the gardens with my boys and then stopping at the gift shop. It has become my hidden spot for last minute kid and adult gifts. The toy selection is well curated and always with a nature or […]


This past summer on an ordinary Wednesday my husband declared that that, “Tomorrow will be Lolo Day.” Lolo is our son’s nickname for his much-loved nanny, Myrtle, a woman certainly deserving of a holiday. My heart melted as my husband took it upon himself to make a card of appreciation, pick up a gift certificate […]

holiday binder

Despite my chips-stealing incident (posted on Momfilter last week), I feel like I’ve gained a little more mastery of my holiday season due to one simple tool:  my Holiday Binder.  My Binder Full of Christmas, if you will. It’s a 3-ring binder full of folders and page protectors into which I stuff my son’s Christmas […]

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