From the Momfilter Archives  I love the spicy sweetness of pumpkin pie. Will you think of less of me if I confess I love it for breakfast the morning after Thanksgiving? What I don’t love is the half can of pumpkin puree baking a pie leaves behind. If you don’t have a plan for it, […]


On Sundays I try to roast vegetables for the week, and get ahead as much as possible…and this Sunday, as I was roasting some fennel, carrots, and brussel sprouts, I threw in some sliced apple. All I did was drizzle olive oil on the veg, and salt and pepper them. When the veg were done, […]

healthy easy nachoes

To me the Christmas season and Mexican food are synonymous. Weird right? I grew up in South Texas and every holiday that deserved a big celebratory meal in my house consisted of Mexican food. So, in the spirit of the season, here is a healthy (cheese-less) nacho recipe you can easily make with ingredients you […]

big spoon roasters

I love nut butters–especially in a “one perfect bite” kind of way. A slice of banana with it, or a spoonful of nut butter with jam on top. But I can’t stand them once they are opened and have to be refrigerated (I like the butter to be room temp for the flavor and the […]


We love popcorn in our house. Years ago we got a Whirly-Pop, which we love to bring out on a cold weekend. But when I heard about Quinn Popcorn, which is a safe microwaveable popcorn (the bags don’t have the lining that is made out of stuff that is not good for you and the […]

This is such an easy, healthy kid dessert: Peel some mangoes and cut them up into chunks (or buy them already peeled and cut up, like I do, from Trader Joe’s). Freeze the chunks and, right before you want to serve, whir them in the food processor or blender. The texture is really creamy and […]

peach paletas

My second grader, always imaginative in the kitchen, has asked to make ice pops repeatedly ever since we put the mold away last summer. A scientist through and through, he’s hoping to see if we can use club soda and make popsicles that fizz. We’ll try that soon, but for now I stuck with a […]

paletas 1

Paletas are Mexican ice pops, typically made with fresh fruit. A popular street food also sold at shops called paleterias, some pops are sweet but others include a bit of heat with the addition of chiles. I try not to include recipes here that require special equipment. However, I’ve had so much fun making my […]


At a birthday party my son attended, the mom served vegetables in such a cute and clever way: she put a slice of carrot, celery, and red pepper into a small clear plastic cup that had a dollop of salad dressing at the bottom. (Hummus would work, too.) Mess-free, easy to serve, and laid out […]

banana bread

I know I’m a bit of a Johnny-come-lately to coconut oil, but I picked up a jar and decided to give it whirl this past weekend to find out what all the buzz was about. I made banana bread, following a fool-proof recipe that I’ve used for years and simply replacing the called for melted […]

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