Taking this post from the archives and posting it again! I know. Bummer. An entire post devoted to salad. Not a BLT salad or a wedge of iceberg with thousand island dripping in and around the crevices. But a yawn-inducing, omega-3-rich, good-for-you, raw bowl of nutrients that falls into the “leafy green” category. Thanks, Jenny! […]


We love celery root, and I’d say my husband makes a celery root remoulade at least once a month. This one was his best however, and it was the addition of lemon into the sauce, plus lots of dill, that really did it. The recipe here from Ina Garten is where he got his inspiration […]


I’ve been trying to get more grainy salads into our lives. Granted, it’s not a natural kid slam dunk, but if there are enough vegetables to deconstruct, and you have an egg to top it all off, you can usually make some combination work so that you feel like you are all eating the same […]


When we were in London not to long ago, we were inspired by this healthy riff on eggs Florentine. This version uses toasted bread with a brushing of olive oil, poached eggs and a side of arugula with a lemon, olive oil and salt dressing. Yes, spinach would make it more Florentine. You could sub […]


I know, I know, everyone’s talking about wanting to make quinoa–that seed that functions like a grain, but that magically has protein. Full disclosure: my kids don’t love it, though they used to. I’m still working on it, and I think they’ll come around eventually, the way they always do when I’ve introduced things a […]


So the kid was hungry, but not for something too heavy. I checked to see what was on hand and discovered a container of Mediterranean couscous in the pantry. Good, so now we have a base. Then there were some chickpeas left over from the night before, which I had previously placed in the toaster […]

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