Taking this post from the archives and posting it again! I know. Bummer. An entire post devoted to salad. Not a BLT salad or a wedge of iceberg with thousand island dripping in and around the crevices. But a yawn-inducing, omega-3-rich, good-for-you, raw bowl of nutrients that falls into the “leafy green” category. Thanks, Jenny! […]


This salsa sings summer. It reminds me of eating dinner outside on the patio with candles flickering just after sunset. On the menu: Grilled fish tacos. A warm corn tortilla stuffed with grilled tilapia, shredded cabbage, a scoop of guac, and a nice big spoonful of Pineapple Mango Salsa. It makes my mouth water just thinking […]


While many think of gazpacho as a spicy tomato-based soup, there are many variations to be found in Spain, its origin country, and this is one of them. Inspired by summer’s bountiful harvest, this tomatoless soup combines a plethora of healthy green veggies. Serve it cold in shot glasses or in a small mug for […]


As you can tell from our numerous salad and breakfast concoctions, we are obsessed with hardboiled eggs. If I could have any superpower, it would be the ability to lay my own (edible chicken) eggs. We love them fresh, we love them slightly undercooked in the middle. Nothing bums our hardboiled egg high and interferes […]


I’ve been trying to get more grainy salads into our lives. Granted, it’s not a natural kid slam dunk, but if there are enough vegetables to deconstruct, and you have an egg to top it all off, you can usually make some combination work so that you feel like you are all eating the same […]


While I usually prefer zucchini mandolined and sauteed, this time I chopped them lengthwise and in cottage fry chunks and used the hot cast iron skillet I had just cooked turkey burgers in to pan-fry them. They seared quickly because of the high heat and had great flavor from turkey meat left in the pan […]


I know, I know, everyone’s talking about wanting to make quinoa–that seed that functions like a grain, but that magically has protein. Full disclosure: my kids don’t love it, though they used to. I’m still working on it, and I think they’ll come around eventually, the way they always do when I’ve introduced things a […]


I’m one of those people that gets on certain kicks–the vitamin kick, for example, which recurs with approximately the same frequency as the bootcut jean, is one that my husband likes to poke fun at. To be fair, he tends to take issue with the passing fancies that hog precious cupboard or drawer space in […]


In an effort to eat less meat, I have been trying to soak beans once a week. This week I decided to commit to a bunch of chickpeas. Here’s what I found for inspiration: A delicious chickpea stew from Smitten Kitchen:     Squash and Chickpea Moroccan Stew Adapted from Aida Mollencamp So, about those preserved lemons: […]

veg stock

I get very cranky when I waste food. And it seems like I’ve always got a broccoli stalk or some vegetable that I either won’t use, or can’t get to before it will go bad. So my new thing is to keep a bag in the freezer, where I toss all vegetables that can be […]

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