Taking this post from the archives and posting it again! I know. Bummer. An entire post devoted to salad. Not a BLT salad or a wedge of iceberg with thousand island dripping in and around the crevices. But a yawn-inducing, omega-3-rich, good-for-you, raw bowl of nutrients that falls into the “leafy green” category. Thanks, Jenny! […]


After the mildest of falls, the weather has done a quick about-face and out came the winter hats and mis-matched mittens (I swear I had full sets when I packed them up last March!) along with my trusty Dutch oven. It’s getting lots of action with a succession of one-pot meals like this one. This […]


This fast stovetop recipe from Martha Stewart is a great way to make use of carrots that are just starting to get a little soft. I subbed in agave for honey, which was also delicious. Sauté 1-inch lengths of carrots for a couple of minutes in a bit of oil. Resist the urge to stir […]


My family made a delicious bolognese lasagna from scratch. The key to a lasagna that doesn’t feel like a futon of cheese is in the homemade noodles. While they are definitely a weekend project, they are easier to make than you think and make all the difference. They used a Smitten Kitchen adaptation of a […]


We are big fans of the new Meatless cookbook from Martha Stewart Living, which, as its name suggests is a perfect vegetarian primer. (Yes, we work there, but after cooking from it this weekend, we can safely say that we genuinely love it). We give big props in particular to the grain salad section, which gives you […]


Our friend  served us the most delicious salad the other night. At first she was ashamed to admit that her secret weapon was a bottled dressing called Garlic Expressions, which is a truly delicious 100% organic bottled dressing (made with fresh garlic vs. dried)—which she buys by the case. Her other cheat is a collection […]


I’ve been trying to get more grainy salads into our lives. Granted, it’s not a natural kid slam dunk, but if there are enough vegetables to deconstruct, and you have an egg to top it all off, you can usually make some combination work so that you feel like you are all eating the same […]


  This all-purpose marinara (a puree of boiled onion, garlic, celery, carrots as shown below) is perfect for pasta as well as for poaching fish or for putting on top of chicken. It’s super easy to make (practically cooks itself) and good to make and freeze in bulk. 1 onion, peeled, halved 2 carrots, halved […]


Our friend Cindy sent this to us: “I saw this and thought of you. You might know Clare Crespo. She’s the gal behind the amazing japanese-ish YummyFun brand and also wrote The Secret Life of Food. Here’s her new book which is all about veggies.” Thanks Cindy! We can’t wait to have a look–we are huge […]


I know, I know, everyone’s talking about wanting to make quinoa–that seed that functions like a grain, but that magically has protein. Full disclosure: my kids don’t love it, though they used to. I’m still working on it, and I think they’ll come around eventually, the way they always do when I’ve introduced things a […]

mila noodles

So, this may be stretching the definition of “salad”, but what the heck. Zaru soba, cold buckwheat noodles with a dipping sauce, has made it into our weekly rotation. It makes for a great summer lunch or dinner.  My kids love how interactive the meal is–they get to practice their chopstick skills and choose what they want from the “toppings […]

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