This weekend we visited Pilar and her family on Fire Island, and Clara brought with her a whole bag of Tattly tattoos. (She had come to my office the day before and got a whole lot of them from an editor who had been working with the Tattly creator on a project.) When the tattoos […]

mystic knotworks

Our friend Hannah was wearing this wide sailor bracelet a couple of weeks ago, and we (Pilar and I) decided that we wanted to get the same ones, joking that it would be our “friendship bracelet”. Now all of our friends (and my daughter) want the same one. I think the reason why it really […]


I thought these animal hand puppet tattoos would definitely come in handy at some point. Imagine using them on a long airplane ride with a toddler (even though they wouldn’t fit on an adult hand the way it looks in the picture–it still would give the adult plenty to riff off of)…or they’d be a […]


For my daughter’s 9th birthday, I wanted to figure out an activity that would also work as a party favor, so I brought home some leftover supplies from a story we did at Martha Stewart Living, which was about clever updates on camp crafts. The girls made necklaces, and they were a huge hit…even their […]


I’ve passed out my fair share of trashy plastic-y junky goody bags over the years. This year, I decided I didn’t want to contribute so recklessly to the landfill problem. First stop: Muji for nice cheap notebooks for $1.75 and great pens. Then my friend Lizzy picked up these great little Japanese mini eraser characters, […]

whirly opener

We got one of these toys from some school event, and it came with no packaging, no name, just “Toys” written across the top. And somehow, this toy has become a family favorite–our dog starts jumping up at the mere glimpse of it,; our daughter squeals; and even I (not one for physical games), get […]


If you have been reading Momfilter from Day 1, you’ll know how we feel about the tyranny of goody bags. But rest assured, we are hypocrites when its suits us, and play along in the Goody Bag Conspiracy. And until we all together take a vow to just throw birthday parties, and not spend the […]


My friend’s daughter got this felt bracelet as a party favor at a recent birthday, and as much as I want to start a nationwide movement to ban the goody bag, I fell hard for this item. But even if I live to see the end of the tyranny of the goody bag, there will […]

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