We are all about finding new salves and balms for the winter–for ourselves and our kids. This one called Potlatch Hand Salve, is one of our new favorites this season. Besides the fact that it has been keeping our hands from cracking/flaking this winter, we love the packaging, and the story behind it. Merryl Spence, […]

apple tree kit

I know, it’s the time of year you’re thinking about a different kind of tree than one that bears apples, but come on, how sweet is this apple tree kit, called “An Apple Tree to Be Kit“. It includes everything you need to grow an apple tree, except for patience, which you will need to […]


I was really excited to learn that I had eager seeds waiting to be planted, just hiding the in the dark of my spice cabinet. Coriander seeds can be planted to become cilantro! Am I the last to know? You brush away a little dirt and squish them in, barely covering them. Try to water […]


Contributor Jes Antonis sent us in these lovely spring activity ideas that we had to share with you. “Leave wool and yarn for birds to weave into their new spring nests. The birds love finding these brightly colored treasures for weaving into their newly built spring nests, and children love to watch the birds carry them […]

egg carton

Maine-based mom Jes Antonis sent us this sweet spring garden activity. We can’t wait to do it this weekend! “Use egg shells to start your seedlings on the windowsill, bringing a touch of green inside for spring. when they have grown enough transplant to your garden…shell and all! First planting of seedlings: a few seeds for […]


After a totally unscientific survey, I’ve reached the conclusion that very few of my friends have houseplants and, more specifically, that the once ubiquitous fern seems to have fallen from grace as the houseplant of choice.  Perhaps, having grown up in the 1970s and 80s, we experienced a sort of fern overkill, and, whether consciously […]


We’re getting some serious mileage from air plants this summer. We’ve given a group of them as housewarming and kid and adult birthday gifts. We’ve used them around the house to make our beach finds a little more interesting.  And, because they’re dirt-free, highly portable and sturdier than they look, they’ve made some rad cameos […]

trout lily

A couple of years ago a dear friend gave me this vintage flower guide book, for wild flowers east of the Rockies. It sat on a shelf until last week, when I finally decided that instead of responding “Um, I don’t know, should we google it?” every time our daughter asks me the name of […]


It’s been a long, cold winter and spring still feels elusive.  My kids and I are dying to plant something outdoors, but the weather has been too unpredictable and generally unpleasant for us to start our stoop garden.  We don’t have a ton of extra space in our apartment for large-scale indoor gardening projects or […]

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