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When I get together with friends it seems you can’t gather 3 of us without encountering at least 5 allergies (which as a gluten-freer I’m all about). And cooking can be a real challenge if you have to balance dairy free, gluten free, sugar free, vegan, vegetarian… Like this alternative cocktail snack–these dishes (tomatoes // tomatoes […]


We recently returned from a family reunion down in Florida, which included a stop at Disney World. Part of my desire to bring the kids there was that the park has a reputation as “the gold standard” in how they treat their customers with dietary restrictions, and I was curious if that was hype or […]


In happy news, I just realized I completely missed Food Allergy Awareness Week. Happy because that means Amelia’s allergies have become a part of our regular routine; a far cry from those early days after her diagnosis when I’d stare forlornly at the supermarket shelves cataloguing all the things we couldn’t cook and (true story) […]

gluten free double chocolate biscotti (mf)

Biscotti and I go way back.  We met inside a rustic Italian farmhouse just outside of Pisa many years ago.  The terrible October wind was howling as only the Tuscan wind can, and I’d just finished a long, extravagant meal with new friends.  I’d arrived in Italy just two months earlier, and was young and giddy with naïveté.  So, when the […]

thai noodles

One of the hardest adjustments for our family after my daughter had her first severe reaction to peanuts was not being able to eat at the Thai restaurants we loved. The risk for cross-contamination is far too high to eat Thai food out, so I began making it at home.  Since we have family in Thailand I felt it important […]


We got some “never-thought-this-day-would-come” news this week; Amelia outgrew her dairy allergy. After we left the allergist’s office, we went straight to the supermarket where she actually skipped down the aisles, pointing out all the foods she wanted to buy—foods she sees her classmates bring to school every day. As you can tell from the […]

allergy free kit

I was surprised how much my daughter loved the American Girl doll her grandmother bought her for her seventh birthday, since Amelia had been completely uninterested in Barbie, Groovy Girls, princesses, and all other dolls up until then. Go figure. When I showed her that American Girl made a special Allergy-Free Lunch set, which comes […]

clarity bag

A girlfriend of mine was appalled when she saw me all “fashionista-ed out ” and I pulled out a sadly worn plastic bag filled with my kids’ Epi pens and Benedryl for their nut allergy! She immediately referred me to to rescue me, where I found the chicest bags in gorgeous colors, and bought this one […]

allergy bag

Amelia was only a year old when her father and I discovered she had food allergies. At that point, it was entirely our responsibility to make sure we always had her epinephrine on hand and that she didn’t grab a friend’s cookie when our backs were turned. She got older and things got easier… in […]

chocolate bag

I got the idea for this chocolate bag from The Divvies Bakery cookbook, which features kid-friendly dairy-, egg-, and nut-free recipes. For the “Brown” Chocolate Bag, all you need is a clean, unused coffee bean bag that’s lined with plastic and some melted chocolate. Paint the inside of the bag (I used a spoon), let […]

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