My friend Inez has a fantastic loft apartment (the kind that gets shot for Arch Digest) and she loves going to the flower market and doing beautiful, wild flower arrangements. So when she says she likes some fake flowers, all of a sudden they seem somewhat…cooler. They are great especially in the winter, and in an over-the-top […]


It’s not so often that I use my teapot…which is a little sad, as I’d like to be the person who does. (I drink a heck of a lot of tea, I just do single servings.) But I love the way they look, and I often see such pretty ones in flea markets and thrift […]


I love the idea of the Chemex that a friend gave me a few years back–the way that it looks with the wood and the leather and the glass, how you can make several cups of manual drip coffee at once, and being able to brew and then carry the carafe to the table without […]


We love this flower shop we found in the Kensal Rise neighborhood of London. They collect vintage vases/containers, and send out their flowers in them. It’s such a nice idea—that you would get an arrangement in a vase that you keep, rather than in a glass one that you end up holding onto out of […]


I love the way our friend Becky made such a beautiful arrangement of the entire top of a sideboard. On it she put collected river stones in an old tureen, sentimental matchbooks in a bowl, feathers in a vase, oranges and chocolate that she was serving for dessert, candles (from Ikea!), and gorgeous roses—which pulled […]


I cut some forsythia this weekend, and was going to put the big vase on the dining table, and the little baby vase in the bathroom. But I liked the way that Big and Small looked next to each other, so I kept them next to each other. It reminded me of the way my […]

leaf arrangement

I saw this little arrangement in a bathroom of one of my favorite new stores, March, which is in San Francisco. I love how simple it is, and, although it’s too late to do this on the East Coast (all of our leaves have turned), how you could come close to duplicating it by just […]

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