I’m always desperate to get away to somewhere warm for the February break…but really, who isn’t? Which is why pretty much every year we end up going somewhere that isn’t warm, but maybe has an indoor pool, and lots of good indoor activities in close proximity. (Last year it was Philadelphia.) Because as much as […]

delano beach toys

We saw these neon/dayglo-ish beach toys at the Delano in Miami, and we love the way they look. We keep looking for them online and can’t find the exact ones–but these are a pretty close runner-up. If any of you know where to find the exact ones pictured here, we’d love to know your source!


It’s hard to find places especially in this country that feel like they did 50 years ago, where the guy who shucks the oysters chats with the lady who owns the donut shop because they used to go fishing as kids on the local river. But the Florida Panhandle, a.k.a. the Forgotten Coast, is a […]

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