Make Work Trips a Little Easier

It’s hard when one spouse goes on a work trip. It’s hard for the spouse traveling (read: homesickness) and it’s arguably harder for the spouse who stays home (read: 24-hour rockstar solo parent time). I travel for work reasons pretty regularly, and yet – somehow – I am still pretty terrible at prepping for trips. […]

Paris (75 of 78)

Backwards, forwards, upwards, and onwards. This has been the way I’ve been living my life for over a year now and I can’t turn back, nor do I want to. The last few weeks have been a daze of both international and domestic travel complete with trains, planes, and automobiles. As I sit and write […]


One Saturday morning I couldn’t easily stand up after the morning cartoons ended. I was four. I announced to my mother that I had appendicitis. She said something along the lines of “Nonsense.” But I did have a fever. So, she took me to the doctor and he sent us to the hospital for an […]

xmas tree

Dear Husband, You are a wonderful man in so many ways—a loyal companion, a strong and loving father, a hard worker and provider—and for that I am grateful. But I can no longer make excuses for you in one area: Christmas gifts. I understand that you are busy. I, too, am busy. But that doesn’t […]

sam letter

Our friend Rebecca in Richmond, Virginia sent us through this email, and we had to share it with you, as many of us are hitting the time when our kids might be questioning Santa, and the role we parents play in Christmas. “Catherine innocently picked up Judy Blume’s Superfudge to read yesterday, tearing through it. […]

tanya essay four wiltshire tree

Imagine a dull buzzing sound in the background of your life on a constant loop. Sometimes the sound would get louder, other times it would be softer, but it doesn’t really go away; it’s just incessantly there. Pretty annoying, right? Well, imagine that dull buzzing sound in the form of judgment, rumors, and unsolicited advice […]


I am an entertainment journalist and travel writer. My kids – two girls ages 6 and 10 – are old enough now to complain that I leave on “fun trips” without them and don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t be allowed to come along. (Despite the fact that they occasionally do, but apparently that’s […]


My son, Beckett, is a sliver of a child; all limbs and eyelashes, pale as paper. A sweet boy of seven, he could be cast as Cindy Lou Who’s older brother. But last year, during the week of Hurricane Sandy and Halloween, he slipped into a skin-tight black one-piece and became a Ninja Warrior, stealth and fierce. […]

be brave

Going out together with a group of friends felt weird the first time I did it. Most of my friends, if not all, are married or in committed relationships. To those who were meeting me for the first time and had no idea of my past, I was, on the surface, simply just another single […]

sarah b kids bus

I remember making the kindergarten decision for my first guy. I toiled between two schools, and eventually settled upon the one the preschool teacher I most trusted recommended for him. I liked the other one, though—and imagined I’d revisit the whole kindergarten decision for the next child, two classes behind. Well, that second guy saw […]

coloring book

The action that totally cools my very feisty and very sensitive just-started kindergartner out is… to color in her coloring book. I cannot tell you how surprised I am to discover that this is her go-to chill out item. It totally is, though. For the most part, she colors in pink, purple and red. In […]

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