Last weekend our friend Jen was looking for some travel advice—she had to go to New Jersey for a family obligation, but she wanted to turn it into a fun getaway also. We talked about the Bungalow (too expensive), and thought about Atlantic City (too casino-y?)…but she found a better option, and I made her write […]


As I lay on the beach last summer, I started to muse aloud about going to Morocco for our next holiday. Since my husband is French and we live in New York, we try to go to a place every summer where the children are immersed in a French-speaking culture. Morocco fit the bill in […]

packing list opener

Since Alex was a baby, I’ve been keeping a single Word file with all our packing lists for trips. It is really cute to look back and see the days when he was a few months old and all I had these elaborate lists of diapers, onesies, blankets, bottles, burp cloths, toys, pacifiers, etc., versus […]

opener summer

What is your ideal summer family trip?  A return visit to a familiar place that you know and love, where you can slip into a relaxed, carefree routine? Or an adventuresome journey to a strange, new place where you can encounter unfamiliar sights, sounds, and tastes? We asked a few of our favorite bloggers where […]

maine opener bobby fisher momfilter

For many lifelong readers, the most memorable journeys are those that transpire between the covers of a book. This is how I first traveled to Oz, Narnia, Whoville, and Maine. At the time of these peregrinations, I was, in fact, a citizen of Maine. But like the voyages to these other occasionally cold and sinister […]

yellowstone opener bobby fisher

There is a way to do Yellowstone without feeling like Clark W. Griswold in Vacation, not to mention the hordes of other sunburned tourists jumping up and town to catch a glimpse of Old Faithful. In fact that place you last viewed from the “way back” of a station wagon might surprise you.  The country’s […]


My husband’s family has been going to the Chautauqua Institute on Chautauqua Lake in New York every summer for over twenty years. The easiest way I can describe the place is to lift this quote from a brochure. It’s “at once a summer encampment and a small town, a college campus, an arts colony, a […]


We have taken our vacations in Corsica for the past 3 summers, never having expected to become quite so attached. We go to Nonza, a tiny village built into a cliff high above the Mediterranean, in the Cap Corse — the skinny part in the North of the island that looks like an extended index […]

please touch museum

We just came back from a weekend in Philadelphia, where we discovered some pretty cool things to do. First of all, who knew that Philly was such a food paradise? Local, sustainable are givens in many of the restaurants, and the restaurant prices are significantly lower than in New York. Of course there’s great history […]

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