I always have some version of a wipe in my travel bag–be it an antibacterial one, or a plain old hand wipe…and a stain wipe. My daughter likes to dress up when she travels, especially when she knows we are going straight from the airport after the flight–to a nice restaurant. On a recent flight, […]

Chicago Splash Park

The next time you’re in Chicago, take the kids to Crown Fountain in Millenium Park. It’s our absolute favorite water spot in the city, and it’s totally free. The fountain has a large splash area and is right downtown. It’s bordered by Michigan Avenue and the city’s skyscrapers – you can even see the building […]


My husband and I had grand plans to take the kids on a European vacation–at some point. We figured when the stars aligned and flight prices dropped, we’d go somewhere “easy,” like Italy. Then he announced he was soon heading to Istanbul for work, and I realized this should be our family’s first big travel […]

A Music Fest Fit for Kiddos

Allow me to utter what’s likely been said a thousand times already today – I am so over this winter. Okay? Okay. But while we are all commiserating in the freezing slush together, let’s start planning summer – which, to me, means music fests! The sun is peeking through the gray skies more regularly, I’ve […]

water park

Last month, my husband and I were itching to travel somewhere with the kids. But – naturally – we hadn’t made any sort of game plan. And given this never-ending winter, we preferred the instant gratification route, if at all possible. Our goals: somewhere catered to families and somewhere needing little to no planning. Enter […]


As an East Coast transplant living in Southern California, I recently decided it was time my Los Angeles born and raised daughters Kit, 10, and Olivia, 6, experience a real winter season and learn to ski. We packed our bags and flew to Aspen, Co. for four days with daily passes to Snowmass, considered the most […]


China, perhaps, doesn’t strike families as the ideal vacation destination. China isn’t family-friendly, as we in the West define that term, with our insistence on high chairs or children’s menus. Rather, it’s literally friendly to families; those traveling with children are welcomed and treated with extraordinary and humbling graciousness. Our week-long sojourn took us to […]


I know the Tuscany rental house is practically a cliché. But it made a perfect family vacation for us last summer. We traveled to Italy in August, dividing our time between Rome and Tuscany. First we spent a few days in Rome to get acclimated to the time-zone change and see a few iconic sites: […]

tel aviv beach

I’m currently in the middle of a 5 week stay in Jerusalem and what strikes me the most (perhaps its the nature deprived New Yorker in me) is the accessibility to beautiful public spaces. I’m constantly surprised by how much the city has to offer kids and how welcome they are everywhere (I’m looking at […]


My husband and I relocated from New York City to Singapore nearly three years ago. We quickly took advantage of the city state’s proximity to destinations we’d only dreamed of visiting. When our daughter, A, was born in 2012, we continued to explore the region, albeit at a different pace. A is now eighteen-months-old and […]

red deck shoes

We have had multiple friends ask us what they should wear in the summer…something good for traveling. I always say a Birkenstock, but some people just want a closed toe. The issues that have been presented include “I need something good for a short hike, going on the airplane, hoofing it around a town, something […]

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