I always have some version of a wipe in my travel bag–be it an antibacterial one, or a plain old hand wipe…and a stain wipe. My daughter likes to dress up when she travels, especially when she knows we are going straight from the airport after the flight–to a nice restaurant. On a recent flight, […]


Yeah sure, we all know how great Volvos are. But did you know about their vacation program, where you can score a free trip to Europe if you’re in the market to buy a new car? Here’s what you do: go into your local dealership, and order the Volvo you want. They’ll give you 2 free […]


Full disclosure: Psi Bands could be old news but were new to me. As someone who has grown up with motion sickness of all kinds (be it trains, planes, boats, cars…) I was really excited to find a drug free alternative in the form of some acupressure wrist bands that weren’t totally heinous/actually fit- they just look […]

match game

My neighbor who has much older kids dug these out of his garage and gifted them to Mischa and Phoebe. They are such a throwback…tech hungry kids might at first wonder where the bells and whistles are, but they are so simple and addictive that I even wanted to play with them. Perfect car trip […]

honey bee

We picked up a copy of this Pictorial Webster’s Pocket Dictionary before a recent road trip, thinking it would be fun for our kids (one a solid reader, one starting to pick out a few words) to flip through. The pictures are amazing–about 200 super detailed antique engravings that once filled the pages of Webster’s […]

car jonn opener

I found this Car Jonn (“baby’s own traveling toilet trainer”) at a junk shop a while back (no it had never been used!) and I think someone out there needs to reissue some version of this, that isn’t entirely made out of plastic. This is mostly a very hardy coated cardboard, with some plastic for […]

radish to go

Recently my husband came out of one of our favorite market stops upstate, the Catskill Harvest Market, with a little container of cleaned and trimmed radishes. The farm that sold them, the Neversink Farm, must have packaged them this way, and then the store gave us some salt in a little cup. Since we never […]

road ahead

I just discovered Road Ahead, a new free app, when we were on a long road trip to Pittsburgh. I’d read about it in the NY Times, and we gave it a go. What I like is that when it launches, it knows where you are, and tells you what kind of food (and everything […]

brady bunch

I will be forever grateful to my dear friend Jenny for telling me to get the Brady Bunch dvd set for our daughter. Recently we have had several 6 hour-plus road trips, and the dvds were a major factor a pretty much whine-free trip. They’re especially good for a child who doesn’t like anything scary, […]


On an 15-plus-hour family road trip, there’s usually only one requirement for on-the-way lodging: a pool. We decided to forgo our number-one priority on the way to Maine this year and try out The Kaaterskill–a big, red barn rescued by New York City painter Allen Hirsch and converted into a six-room lodge on rolling meadow–farmland […]

bingo opener

We just discovered Auto Bingo at our favorite toy store, The Big Eddy Toy Company, in upstate New York. Perfect for road trips, and at $2 each, you can buy one for everyone in the car. The idea is you get to close a window for any object on the card that you see. Yes, […]

park passport opener

How to get excited about what is under your nose…get one of these passport books, and start filling it up. We bought one in a gift shop of a national park, and now we look for opportunities to go get a stamp. There’s a listing of all the parks and landmarks that will stamp it–it […]

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