cooked goose

We were in Rhode Island last week, at a great breakfast/lunch spot called The Cooked Goose. When I ordered coffee, they poured me a cup, and then left me with the thermos pitcher, so I could pour my own as I wanted it. Such a simple and great idea, and I’ve never seen this anywhere […]


In praise of Bareburger, in Park Slope. It’s not even that the food is so fantastic–it’s no Franny’s. It’s a very decent burger with too many options for toppings for my taste, but the meat—your choice of everything from beef, to bison to even ostrich, if you can believe–is 100%, painfully, and deliberately organic. And […]


We loved this idea from a London-based Mexican restaurant, called Wahaca, which is owned by a great chef named Thomasina Miers. Rather than give away real matchbooks, they give away these Serrano chili seeds for you to plant.


How clever is this spot in Los Altos, Ca (the Bay Area), Bumble, which has a cafe and a playroom and an outdoor space, all geared towards families. I love everything about it. And being that it’s in Northern California, it almost goes without saying that it has locally sourced organic food, plus, they serve […]

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