My kids went crazy for these–they begged to have them on a bun in their lunch after having had them for dinner. The next day for grown-up lunch, we de-carbed them and ate these scrumptious little lamb burgers with a side of greens and a dollop of yogurt sauce. It felt warm and hearty, like […]

mila noodles

So, this may be stretching the definition of “salad”, but what the heck. Zaru soba, cold buckwheat noodles with a dipping sauce, has made it into our weekly rotation. It makes for a great summer lunch or dinner.  My kids love how interactive the meal is–they get to practice their chopstick skills and choose what they want from the “toppings […]


I came across this recipe a long time ago in an article I read about Sophia Loren. It was about her sons’ favourite dish, Livia’s meatballs. Livia was Sophia Loren’s long-time cook full of gastronomic treats. I love this recipe and always think of the iconic Sophia Loren and her sons when I make it. […]


This weekend we were staying with our friends, and telling them how much we love the Trader Joe’s roasting chicken. They love their farmer’s market one, so we thought we’d do a taste test. Then it somehow turned into a throw-down, between my husband Matt, and our friend Stephanie. She is a big believer in […]


Last week I had what is maybe my most favorite dinner to date. I made baked beans in the slow cooker before I left the house, and then my husband made a coleslaw that was so spectacular, and fried up some Hofmann hot dogs. We drank a rose cava with it, and there was something […]

white fish opener

We’re going to post the three white fish recipes from one of everyone’s favorite sections from Cookie, the “So You Have A…” page, because reader Jessica Collins sent us in this very sweet email, and this recipe doesn’t live on the Epicurious site (which does have quite a few of the Cookie recipes on it—something […]


I always forget how easy it is to put together just a few key ingredients to create delicious Thai flavor. Fish sauce (not soy), coconut milk, lime, peanut oil. Granted, to get it right, it helps to have lemon grass, ginger, cilantro and scallions, but you can get the basic idea with even just the […]

mexican bingo

Dinnertime often has the familiar ring of “Please eat some broccoli. Just three more bites of chicken? OK, two tomatoes, one more fish stick and three spoonfuls of rice.”  When Ben was a baby and still imprisoned in that highchair, we would put unsuspecting grandparents on speakerphone as the spoonfuls disappeared. But now that there […]

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